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Angelina Carvery


Virginia Hinch (PBBA Dirctor) - Angelina Carvery - Carl Gannon (PBBA Prez)



Angelina Cavery Stays Home To Be A Huskie


Published by Michael Henry on January 16, 2012


Top prospect Angelina Carvery (5’8″, F, Citadel, 2012) has chosen to attend Halifax’s St Mary’s University (SMU) in the Fall of 2012.


Carvery, the newest Huskie, currently lives in Halifax, a factor that weighed heavily into her decision making.


“I chose SMU because I wanted to stay home, and I’m really close with most of the girls already, and I really enjoyed playing for Scott [Munro, SMU Head Coach] my last 3 summers. I feel like when playing for him, I play my best basketball.”


Carvery, who is currently playing for an undefeated Citadel Phoenix high school team (7-0), will bring both speed and scoring ability with her to the Huskies. Among her abilities to score the ball, she can shoot from range or catch a defender flat footed and use a good first step when driving to the basket.


Although Carvery had some interest from American Universities, the final decision was narrowed down to two Canadian schools.


“It came down to SMU and UVic. I visited [UVic] and I loved it but the distance would have killed me!”

At St Mary’s, Carvery will be studying Criminology 

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