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Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors

President                      Carl Gannon
Vice President             Clayton Gannon
Treasurer                      Bryan Darrell
Secretary                       Virginia Hinch

Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Board of Directors

President/Chairperson of the P.B.B.A.

The President/Chairperson of the Board/Society shall be responsible for the general supervision of the Society and shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors from time to time.  The President/Chairperson shall also be the principal spokesperson for the Society.  the Board meetings will be chaired by the President/Chairperson and it will also be the responsibility of the President/Chairperson to call meetings on an as and when required basis to conduct Board Business and to plan for the upcoming Tournament.  The President/Chair is also one of the Financial Signing Officers and bears some financial responsibilities and accountabilities to the Society for the funds under the control of the Society.


The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President/Chairperson in his/her absence, including chairing the meetings.  The Vice-President will assist the President/Chairperson in his/her duties.  The Vice-President will also have Financial Signing Authority and will also bear some financial responsibilities and accountabilities to the Society for the funds under the control of the Society.  The Vice-President will also be considered a Director and will carry out the duty of such on a day-to-day basis.


The Treasurer is responsible for the safe keeping of all funds in the control of the Society and to give regular reports to the Society on their financial status.  The Treasurer is responsible for preparing all budget reports on behalf of the Society.  The Treasure is the main Financial Signing Authority for the Society and is responsible and accountable along with the other Financial Signing Authorities to the Society for the appropriate control of the Society's funds.  The Treasurer will also be considered a Director and will be assigned other duties in relation to the business of the Society.


The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of the Board meetings and their timely distribution of these minutes to the other Board of Directors.  The Secretary will maintain a record of such minutes for future reference and historical purposes.  The Secretary will also take the lead on other activities as and when required and assigned by the Board.


Phil Gannon
Sam Smith
Virginia Hinch

Duties and Responsibilities of the Directors of the Board

The Directors are required to attend Board meetings on a regular basis and to actively participate in the business of the Society being discussed at the meetings in a Positive, Professional manner.  The Directors are expected to support and attend all Board functions that have been voted/agreed upon by the Board of Directors as a whole.  The Directors will take the lead on Board initiatives that they have either an interest in and/or have some expertise in, so that the Board can achieve their business goals and objectives ( examples: Webmaster; Coordinating Timers & Scorers; Ordering Tournament T-shirts; preparing Tournament schedules; etc).  Directors are strongly encouraged to sit on one of the sub-committees as a representative of the Board on an as and when required basis.

      Carl Gannon               Clayton Gannon              Bryan Darrell

   Philip Gannon                          Sam Smith


      Virginia Hinch



Created by: Carl Gannon -- Last updated:Mar 19, 2013